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You know how magic music was when you were a kid?

If you listen to music on YouTube then this is the link to all my songs: Playlist  You can find them on other streaming services as well. Bandcamp is where i put out ALL of my music since it is a Fair platform for artists creating and publishing music. 
Here is a video of Travis Orbin blasting drums on the latest Corroded Astronauts.

//I still make music the same way.

Every song starts with a riff or a melody. In my head it just pops up like those clowns in a box. All i can do it translate it through my fingers. I dont think any musician can truly express where a song comes from but they just have it in them and some how can express it with their body and instruments. For many years i have been eager to learn new ways and new instruments to write songs. I love acoustic instruments and started playing guitar as a kid but as soon as my brother got a really cool synth i was really fond of electronic instruments and drum machines. My dad had a Hammond organ and a beat box and i was mesmerized as a kid. He tought me how to play keys and how the beat box worked. I have kept that interest and started early on creating beats and songs electronicaly. 

I had the great fortune to play with some great musicians like The Virgins and Comatose. That time i was heavily invested in playing bass and synths as seen in this video of The Virgins.

A few years of blasing drums and singin.

As time went by and bands came and went i called up my friends Patrik and Andreas to for a "last punk band" before we are old and will retire. Aloof we called it and low and behold i still play in this band. Here is the first song and video of aloof. 

During a long period of time i had a collaburation with Peter Dolving on our band Chemo. We had a 1 song a week period that was very inspiring for us and had us working like crazy on songs and on funny videos like this one.