Why a podcast? Well I've been wanting to come back to teaching and i really think that podcast is the smartest way at the moment to reach out to as many as i can with all these stories and teachings that my guest are willing to share. I love to learn and im so happy that my guest feels the same way. You Learn You Teach Repeat is my and our way to share good ideas and sometimes not so good ideas. Enjoy! All my podcast will be posted first and foremost on my bandcamp site that holds my music as well. They will play on any web browser on a laptop och a smart phone. 

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Episode: Getting a call from Dr Alban

Published Date: November 10 2018


Description: If you ever get a chance to DJ, Take it. Pierre is a pioneer in the field of DJing and remixing songs for the dance floor. Years before Avicii and all them bedroom producers from Sweden. Listen to his story and get to it. Find Pierre at: pierrej.com/

Episode: The only bad thing is that i learn

Published Date: December 2 2018


Description: Emily Caldwell takes us into the nostalgic journey around classic cars, design, pictures and a way of scenic storytelling. Find her on instagram: www.instagram.com/emilycaldwelll/ and www.instagram.com/journeyrestorations/

Episode: Go Fuck UR Selfie

Published Date: December 25 2018

Recorded the 2 September 2018


Description: Thrashbird is a street artist and a punker who has a message to be told. Go Fuck UR Selfie on the Pink Wall in LA had just happened when we cought up. Find him on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thrashbird/


Episode: I was doing a lot of "drilling of the feet"

Published Date: January 10 2019

Recorded the 2 September 2018


Description: Travis is a fantastic drummer and a super friendly dude that creates a lot of music for himself and for other bands. He also does drumming lessons and session drumming if needed. (The sound quality is a bit bad from time to time.) 

Find him on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travisorbin/


The Miles Davis video we talk about. 



Episode: You wanna hear the flesh and blood - Erik Bodin of Little Dragon

Published Date: January 24 2019

Recorded the 3 November 2018


Description: Erik and i have been friends for some years now and played in Supergods a free jazz band together. Today Erik is a musician in the super popular group Little Dragon and touring the world. He is also a really good ice skater.

Find him on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daddybodinz/



Video Lover Chanting


Episode: Alright i'm derailing - Kevin Storm

Published Date: February 7 2019

Recorded the 16 September 2018


Description: Kevin is a creative soul. Teaching kids how to be creative. Writing and recording music. Being a freelance musician on tour with metal bands during our talk.  

Find him on instagram


Episode: You can try to fix something and fail by Kris Clewell. Kris and i talk about what motivates and how you can find focus if it´s lost. Also cars. Kris has his own podcast called Overcrest overcrestproductions.com If you love old 911 s and long roadtrip´s this guys is to follow. 
Check out Kris at: 

Frankenstein of flat design with Erik Nylund. Erik is an illustrator, musician and one of my oldest friends. We talk about his job and efforts of being an visual graphic designer. Abit about growing up and some fare amount of having your own company. 
You can find Erik at: 

Witnessing my hands with Liam Wilson. 
Liam is a Father, craftsman and a bass player from one of my all time favorite bands Dillinger Escape Plan.

We don´t talk about music as much as we talk about life and letting go. You will soon enough find out that our minds are more in tuned than we both thought. Please enjoy this insightful man that is Yogaing his way forward in life. Bands to look out for are: John Frum and Azusa and summer tour planed as a bas player for the fantastic Devin Townsend.

You can find Liam at: www.theazusawebsite.com and on instagram as: @liam_wilson

The video i talk about is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6VoyU95UkM

Would you like to follow me i would like to be followed - Heath Kane


The amazing Heath Kane. art, life, mexican wrestling and having a punk rock attitude in life will get you places.

Please check:

A Video of painting and Corroded Astronauts music video.