I´ve been writing songs since i was about 5. My father still has the first composition i wrote and reminds me from time to time. You can find my music on Bandcamp and on all streaming platforms. Go:


Corroded Astronauts - There Is No Need To Fear

is the second album in this back to rock n roll music i´ve been off from a few years. This time around i work with

Stefano Melchiorre a great guitar player from Milano, Italy. So please enjoy and share the music with everyone. 

All the best in these crazy times of Covid-19.

Love will prevail!!! / Kim Lantto 7 april 2020.

Corroded Astronauts 

An album based on 2 ingredients. Big Muff pedal and C-tuning on the guitar. This is the first rock n roll album i´ve made since me and Peter made the Chemo single collections a few years back. Slower rock and dirty real dirty guitars started this album and gave me the soundscape i wantes to create. Like with the Kiml albums i played almost everything on this album but i had some great help from Kevin Storm whom i have talked to in one of the podcast episodes. I hope you enjoy the songs and that you share them with friends. Be well and you cant stop rock n roll.

During the making of Isolation Holiday me and my son went on a holiday trip down south of Sweden to a cabin that a friend of mine has. Erik a true friend that has been there for me and i for him since we were in kids school. The cabin was isolated in the woods and on this wet summer in Skåne, Sweden alot of the songs came to me more clearly. Id been working on this idea of being alone on your mind trying to break out but not really finding the elements to push through. The album Isolation Holiday cover is what you see standing on the steps to this cabin on a regular summer day in south of sweden. We had a great day me and my son. Just sitting on the porch drinking coffee having a pause from it all. Keeping the fire going and just having a mental reset. Sometimes you just need to sit the fuck down and shut up to find what ever you are looking for. I hope you can conway the emotions that this can bring. Thanks Erik and Family for this cabin stay. 


Find Erik at:

There is always a time in your life that a major change will take place and this album is one of them. After seeing the movie Everest so many songs came to me from the amazing stories of the lives that where lost and found. I found myself having a connection to the mountain and the people in a way i´ve never had before. I had to do something so these songs became a way for me to continue the stories of the people in this fantastic movie i really hope you take the time to see. Josh Brolin did a hell of a job and i just got so tongue tied from the performance. In love is where we belong is my way of sending a prayer to the ones left behind. 


Everest can be found here.

All through my life there has been a constant soundtrack in my head. For some years now i´ve locked sunday mornings to write down the songs that pop up in my head and get them to different albums. 


These albums are mostly electronic music with some guitars but all created with a movie playing in my head or on the screen. If you are looking for music or landscape sounds to your project then get back to me at: 

Bandcamp Fans ONLY!
Kiml - Bubblegum in the Bat Hole

An electronic adventure in scapes and sounds. I love waking up early mornings and start my day with coffee and some beats and synths. The Arturia Analog Lab is an investment i made early on and i love it. Also the PO-12 is a fantastic drummachine i hope you get to tinker with. Anyways Enjoy life music and friendship. Hope to see you soon. #lockdownsarecrule

Kiml -Landscapes

Close your eyes and relax. Let the sounds take you away to a place you´ve never been before. Thank you #spitefireaudio for all the amazing LABS and the new BBCSO that is for free to create. 

Sunbeam Moonspell Toiletpaper

Well what can i say about this amazing album. 

Please dance in your living room and let the kids in on a secret that nobody knows shit! They all just pretend to be alive. 

Kiml - Feathers

Beats Crust Sprinkle and Banana pancakes. Enjoy